Western Premium BBQ Products Pinon Wood Mini-Logs, 31.14 lbs



WESTERN Pinion Mini-Logs are perfect for burning in your fire pit, chimney, fire place or campfire. Imagine harnessing the nostalgia of childhood campouts or of cowboys riding the range whenever you want. The natural oils within the fibers of the Pinion wood create an aromatic experience that will transcend your senses to another time and place. Plus, the smoke from the Pinion wood is a natural insect repellant. The best way to build a Pinion wood fire with our 6″-8″ long mini-logs is to lay one mini-log flat with two or three additional mini-logs leaning against or on top of the first one, creating something similar to a teepee. If you are using a solid fire starter, build mini-log teepee on top of the Fire Starter then light the Fire Starter. If you are using liquid lighter fluid, follow manufacturer’s instructions. Pinion Wood Mini-Logs are NOT for cooking.


  • Heated Treated for campfires in state parks, 100% Natural Raw Wood
  • Natural Pine Scent
  • Natural Insect repellent
  • Great for campfires, fire pits, and chimineas
  • Made in the USA