MLB Colorado Rockies Logo BBQ Meat Brander



The Pangea Brands Team Brander will make you a hit at your next cookout or tailgating party by allowing you to sear your favorite team logo onto your ordinary grilled meats. The Team Brander is easy to use. You simply place your Team Brander on top of your existing grill rack and preheat to its highest temperature. Once preheated, place your choice of meat directly on top of the Team Brander and cook the meat as you normally would. After meat has seared, flip it over onto the regular grill rack and finish cooking. Allow your Team Brander time to reheat between uses. Bring your team pride to your next cookout or tailgating party with the Pangea Brands Team Brander!


  • Designed for Hamburgers, Steak, Chicken, and More.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Built to Last out of Seasoned Cast Iron
  • Searing Time and Results Vary